Ducklings Class

Ducklings Class is our class for the Foundation Stage children.

The class is taught by Ms Lambert (Monday, Tuesday) and Mrs Canning (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).   Mrs Reeve is the teaching assistant in Ducklings Class.

Each term the children have a focus topic to develop their learning - more information on the Curriculum can be found under the Learning tab. 

There is an outdoor play area which is used by the children in Ducklings Class.  Learning activities for each of the seven areas of learning are set up in the outside area as well as indoors.

On Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, children in Ducklings and Sparrows classes are taught PE by specialist sports coaches with the support of our teaching assistants.  Indoor PE (Dance and Gym) takes place on Monday mornings, with outdoor PE (games or athletics) on Wednesday afternoons (though this sometimes comes indoors if it is too cold or wet!) 

The children in Ducklings Class work hard on their phonic work through daily phonic sessions.  The children are encouraged to read to an adult at school regularly and also at home.

We are fortunate to have regular parent support in the class.  If you are able to offer some time to play games or listen to children read, please see Mrs Canning.