School Clubs

At Great Tey, we offer a variety of clubs which are run by staff, parents and outside providers. The clubs on offer will vary each term depending on factors such as the season or the availability of sports coaches. The after school clubs are open to any children from Reception upwards (unless otherwise specified at the time) although you may find that Reception children are too tired at the end of the school day, particularly in the Autumn term.  There are spaces available in most clubs - please see the school office for details.

After School Clubs Available during Spring 2017

  • Monday - Football Club,   Relaxation Club,  Craft Club
  • Tuesday - Volleyball Club
  • Wednesday - Dodgeball Club
  • Thursday - Gymnastics Club   Cookery Club
  • Friday - Dance Club

Lunchtime Clubs 

  • Tuesday - Library
  • Wednesday - Computer Coding
  • Thursday -  Lego    Homework
  • Friday - Colouring Club