Family Project Planning

Alongside their Maths and English CGP books, children can complete a family learning project, which contains ideas for older and younger children but parts of which can be done together as a family.  Please see below for the plans and resources for each project.  Thank you

A Child's War

Click here for the plans

Day 1 - For everyone -    Map of Europe       Spitfire model       Spitfire instructions

           For younger children -  Winston Churchill word mat      Winston Churchill writing frame

           For older children -  List of countries    KWL Grid

           For the challenge -  Outbreak of War PowerPoint      Early Events Timeline

 Day 2 - For everyone - Rationing PowerPoint     Rationing Information Sheet      Ration Book    

                                  Recipe Book

           For younger children - Rationing Meal Activity

           For older children -  Menu Comparison Activity        Wartime Weekly Meal Plan

           For the challenge -  Writing A Balanced Argument

Day 3 - For everyone -  Blitz Art Instructions      Blitz PowerPoint

           For older children - Blitz Writing Frame          Anderson Shelter Model

           For the challenge -  Blitz Evidence Activity

Day 4 - For everyone - Children in WWII PowerPoint

           For younger children -  Suitcase Activity

           For older children -  Evacuee Reading Comprehension

           For the challenge -  Evacuee Letter Writing Activity

Day 5 - For everyone -  VE Day PowerPoint       VE Day Wordsearch

           For younger children -  Union Jack Template

           For older children -  Design a Medal Template

           For the challenge -  Morse Code Activity Sheet


Frozen Kingdoms 

Click here for the plans

Day 1 - For younger children:  Winter picture cards

            For older children:  Arctic and Antarctic Comparison

            For the challenge:  The Arctic    The Antarctic    Polar Regions

Day 2 -  For everyone:  Polar Regions Animals Sorting            Fingerprint Penguins                                       

                                  Comparing Polar Regions Powerpoint

             For younger children:  Snow Dough recipes

             For older children:  Amazing Antarctica Reading Comprehension         Polar Animals Wordsearch

Day 3 -  For younger children:  Small World Characters

            For the challenge:  Innovate Board

Day 4 - For younger children:  Bird Food Cake Recipe

Day 5 - For everyone:  Inuit Powerpoint     Igloo Powerpoint


Chinese New Year

Click here for the plans

Day 1 - For everyone: Make A Paper Lantern

           For younger children:  A World Map

           For older children: China Fact File

           For the challenge: Pros and Cons sheet

Day 2 -  For everyone:  Dragon Cookies recipe

            For younger children:  Instruction Writing Sheets        Dragon Mask Colouring Sheets

            For older children:  Chinese Zodiac Wheel       Chinese Zodiac Animals        Tangrams

            For the challenge:  Year of the Ox Reading Comprehension

Day 3 -  For everyone:  Dance prompt for younger children          Dance prompt for older children

            For younger children:  Story of Chinese New Year PowerPoint          Writing frame

            For older children: Chinese Numerals      Chinese Code Breaker

            For the challenge:  Chinese Fraction Challenge

Day 4 -  For everyone:  Dancing Noodles     Fireworks in a Glass     Floating Rice

            For younger children:  Dragons in the City e-book         Speech bubbles writing

            For older children:  Chinese Coordinates    Crossword      Wordsearch        Fortune Teller

            For the challenge:  Chinese Coordinates Challenge

Day 5 -  For everyone:  Chinese New Year Recipe Book         Red Envelope Template

            Art activities:  Handprint Dragon      Dragon Head and Tail Cut Outs      

                                  Fire-Breathing Dragon     Paper Plate Dragon

                                  Zig Zag Snakes      Lucky Fish Instructions        Lucky Fish Template     


Beast Creator

Click here for the plans

Day 1 -  For younger children - instruction writing frame

            For older children - Instruction writing success criteria

            For the challenge - hotel advertisements

Day 2 - For younger children -  Life cycle of a Butterfly  Powerpoint     Film      Sheets

           For older children  - Insect Life Cycle  activity sheets and prompt sheet

           For the challenge -  Complete metamorphosis    Incomplete metamorphosis

Day 3 - For everyone -  Food Chain Game   Food Chain Pictures

           For younger children -  Draw your insect

           For older children  - Deadly animals fact files      Deadly critters pictures     Top Trumps

           For the challenge - World Map

Day 4 - For younger children -  Ladybird Life Cycle    Powerpoint   Cut & Stick     Workbook   Film

           For older children  - Selective Breeding Presentation      Ideal Dog Cards

           For the challenge -  Selective Breeding Presentation      Balanced argument frame

Day 5 - For younger children -  What Am I?

           For older children  -  Super Minibeast lifecycle


The Titanic 

Click here for the plans

Day 1 resources -  For everyone - Boats method board 

                           For older children - Rufus & The Racers instructions and templates 

Day 2 resources -  For older children - Propeller boat activity sheet and recording sheet

                           For the challenge - Salt water experiment sheet and recording sheet 

Day 3 resources -  For younger children - KS1 Powerpoint    Colouring sheets      Word mat

                           For older children -    KS2 Powerpoint    Titanic Fact Cards    Research Questions

                           For the challenge -    Lifeboat Powerpoint    Lifeboat Data Cards     Table 

Day 4 resources - For everyone - Acrostic poem template

                           For younger children - Titanic Stick Puppets

                           For older children - Coloured cross-section    Blank cross-section     Wordsearch

Day 5 resources - For everyone - Titanic Quiz      Titanic Powerpoint

                          For younger children - Titanic Storyboard

                          For older children - Titanic recount writing frame

                          For the challenge - Titanic pictograms         Answer sheet


The Skies Above Us 

Click here for the plans

Click here for the Clouds e-book

Click here for the outdoor Solar System data sheet

Click here for the raincloud in a jar experiment

Click here for the Rocket Mice  instructions


Street Detectives  

Click here for the plans

 Day 1 resources -      Our local community photos       Old photos of Great Tey

                                Land use fact cards       Land use word grid       Land use wordsearch

                                UK Land use Powerpoint       UK Land use worksheet

Day 2 resources -      Sketch Map Activity Sheet - What Can I See?

                                Community Maps      Road Furniture cards    

                                Map Symbol Match Up       Map Symbol Matching Cards

                                OS Maps Activity      Use an OS Map

Day 3 resources -      Compass Challenge Cards      Compass Labelling        Compass Powerpoint

                                 Pirate Map          Treasure Map design Sheet

                                Compass Directions Sheet

                                Maptown Zoo Activity        Escape from Maptown Zoo          

Day 4 resources -      Travelling Ted's Journal

                                Map of Europe with and without names

                                World Map

Day 5 resources -       Transport i-Spy

                                 Local Area Design Sheet

                                 Getting to Grips with Grid References      Swanage Map Activity


Potions/Solids, Liquids and Gases 

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Day 1 resources - perfume bottles

Day 2 resources - Changing States Powerpoint      Solids, Liquids and Gases Quiz                                                                      Solids, Liquids and Gases Activity    Solids, Liquids and Gases Sorting

Day 3 resources - Magic Potions experiment      Ramp Experiment    Changing States activity

Day 4 resources - Bubble, Bubble Experiment      Magic Milk Experiment

                          Magic Potion Prompt Cards          Magic Potion Writing Sheet       Potion Description sheet

                           If I Was PowerPoint              If I Was Activity Sheets

                          Story Writing frame              Newspaper report frame

Day 5 resources -  Magic Potions price list                                                                                                                                 Irreversible Changes powerpoint   Irreversible changes activity