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Great Tey Primary School

Great Tey Primary School

Art and Design

Our art and design curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, and aims to help pupils develop an enjoyment of both looking at and creating art.  It aims to inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about how art is created; the different materials and processes and how they can be used; the different effects that can be created and the way these influence the audience.   Art helps pupils to understand the complexity and diversity of the human experience.  We believe that children from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to become familiar with the work of a range of artists; to evaluate their own art and that of others; to create art with others; to visit and appreciate art in galleries and museums.

In 2019, we purchased the Cornerstones Curriculum as the basis of our art curriculum in order to ensure we fully cover all of the requirements of the National Curriculum and to provide a means of assessing children's confidence and learning.   We adapt this curriculum to our school by taking every opportunity to learn about the art of our local area, including making full use of the natural resources around us to create art.

Please read on below to find more information on what we teach, how we teach it and how we ensure we are creating artists of the future!

Why do we learn about art and design?

We are creating future artists by ....

  • developing children's confidence to express themselves through art - solo, in pairs and in groups
  • developing children's ability to use a variety of materials and processes to create, evaluate and improve their own art
  • recognising the power of art to provoke thought and opinion
  • ensuring children have opportunities to enjoy and evaluate art of all different kinds
  • revisiting key skills and knowledge across the primary years to ensure children's understanding of art and design is embedded and built upon each year
  • equipping children with the knowledge of art they need to hold an informed conversation
  • introducing children to the wide range of jobs artists can do and nurturing their ambitions to work in  art-based jobs in the future, contributing to their communities and the wider world

What do we learn?

Whole School Curriculum Map

Our Whole School Curriculum Map for Art and Design can be found here - Year A      Year B

It shows how different skills will be developed over your child's time at Great Tey.   

(To decide which year we are in, A or B, years starting in an 'odd' year - September 2023, 2025 etc. - are Year A, years beginning in an 'even' year - September 2022, 2024 etc. - are Year B.)

Class Maps

Please see below for our Class Maps, which give further information on skills development in your child's class through our Cornerstones topics.

Click on your child's class below for Art Cycle A covering the year 2023-2024 

Ducklings (Blocks A and B are the same for Reception)




Click on your child's class below for Art Cycle B covering the year  2022-2023 / 2024-2025

Ducklings (Blocks A and B are the same for Reception)





 What does our learning in art help us to do?

- develop our understanding of the world around us and the art of different places, cultures and times

- ask and answer questions, developing our ability to ask questions of increasing relevance

- develop our vocabulary to talk about art with increasing clarity

- enjoy creating, making choices and working as part of a team

- make connections between our lives, emotions and choices and those of others

- make connections between the art we see and what we know about history, geography

-  prepare for our future, whether working in an art-based career or continuing to develop our interest in art for enjoyment, either through listening or creating.