Oak Class

Oak class is our class for our Key Stage 2 children. In the mornings, it is divided into two groups - Y3/4 and Y5/6.  This enables us to teach children in small, age-appropriate groups and to ensure work is appropriately differentiated.  During the mornings, Oak Class are taught English, Maths, Science, RE, ICT and grammar.   In the afternoons, the class gets back together as a whole for PE, topic, music and art. There are three teaching assistants in Oak class, Mrs Digby, Mrs Reeve and Mrs Webb who work at different times during the week to support the children’s learning.

There is a focus topic for each half term or term.  The topic for Summer Term 2017 is The Tudors.

Children in Oak class are encouraged to take responsibility for helping around the school.  For example, we have children who are responsible for leading collective worship, for running the tuck shop, for looking after our school pets and for helping others at playtime.