Governors Business Interests

Governor Responsibility

Business Interest


Category Date of appointment Term Appointee
Christopher Percival Chair of Governors Nil Foundation      
Cathy     Rayner Vice Chair of Governors Director - J&C Rayner Farms Ltd Local Authority      
Revd. John Richardson Vice Chair, CCP Committee Nil Ex-Officio      
Kelvin Blanchard Chair, CCP Committee NASUWT Member Co-Opted      
Trevor     Pearce Vice Chair, PPF Committee Nil Parent      
Matthew   Halls Chair, PPF Committee Nil Parent      
Rachael  Stone   Spouse is director of Micromech Electronics Co-Opted      
Carol   Almond  

Trustee of Colchester Samaritans;

ATL Member

Sue     Wakeling        Finance Asst Treasurer of Gt Tey PTA Co-Opted      
Helen       Dow Admin Asst

Trustee - Gt Tey community Pool;

Spouse works for 4Site Consulting who have given Health and Safety advice to the school

Lucy     Overton Headteacher NASUWT Member Ex-Officio